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How travel agencies are adapting to technology, focusing on their strengths - Gainesville Times

“Airlines paid us commission, which they don’t now.” Even with social media revitalizing the travel agency business now, Connatser said those airlines caused the beginning of its struggles. She said the events of 9/11 led to travel coming to a standstill, too. But that didn’t mean the business was over. “Slowly but surely it came back,” Connatser said. “Everyone still wants to travel.” As technology advanced and the internet became more widely accepted and used, websites like Priceline.com and Expedia.com began to grow and expanded the travel business to something completely new. Those sites changed the look of travel agencies, leading many brick-and-mortar travel agencies to close. But the big difference and advantage travel agents feel they still hold over those sites, and why they have made it through the struggles, is experience and personability. Donna Goode with Goode Times Travel out of Alpharetta said “it makes a big difference when you’ve actually been there and experienced it.”  That’s why she has tried to build a network of people around her that have been on plenty of trips, so they’re able to offer their own personal insight to clients in hopes of creating a better experience and getting repeat customers. “I think there’s a lot more competition and you really have to distinguish yourself,” Goode said.

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Bitcoin (BTC) Adoption: BTC Payments Accepted By CheapAir Online Travel Agency

Bitcoin (BTC) Adoption: BTC Payments Accepted By CheapAir Online Travel Agency The US-based online travel and tourism agency CheapAir announced on Friday, July 13th, that it will begin using the open source platform BTCPayServer to process Bitcoin (BTC) payments from its customers, in a move which increases Bitcoin (BTC) adoption even more. The US company itself confirmed the information through a statement on its official website, which was signed by its CEO Jeff Klee. CheapAir highlighted on its blog that for more than one month they conducted tests with the BTCPayServer, which was considered by the agency on the recommendation of the Bitcoin community that suggested it as an alternative to Coinbase. Although there was a slight learning curve at first, and some engineering work to create the flow of cryptocurrency to dollars for the airlines and hotels, we are delighted with the final result. Klee explained that successfully circumventing the Coinbase situation gave them significant operational relief, as they would not rely on a third party to carry out their work. According to the travel agency, using BTCPayServer, “orders are processed faster and more efficiently.” Also, CheapAir also announced the implementation of a dedicated support department for users using cryptos. To this end, they have set up a telephone line and a contact e-mail address. CheapAir accepts Bitcoin (BTC) payments, besides other three cryptocurrencies, increasing Bitcoin (BTC) adoption even more During May, CheapAir announced that it was expanding its payment options by starting to accept Litecoin (LTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), and Dash (DASH). On that occasion, the company stated that offering new payment alternatives guaranteed “lower fees and faster transaction times due to the congestion that sometimes occurs in Bitcoin.” By deciding to modify its commercial services, not only with CheapAir, Coinbase cryptocurrency exchange platform affected many companies which accept cryptocurrency payments. That’s why CheapAir, among others, decided to ditch the Coinbase platform and started to look for alternatives.

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